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We have put together a few useful tips for preparing a job application and attending an interview. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on the way to success.

The application

  • Research the company/ role before applying
  • Don’t copy & paste a CV from your previous applications
  • Make sure your experience/ work history is relevant to the role you apply for
  • Write a winning covering letter
  • Highlight your relevant experience/ knowledge/ qualifications so the recruiter can see at the first glance you might be a good fit
  • Start with your most recent experience first
  • Make your CV concise with clear spacing between lines
  • Try to fit everything onto one page
  • When applying for work, tell the recruiter why you are a good fit for the role

The interview

  • Prepare some answers to popular questions that could be asked
  • Think about what you could bring to the role
  • Don’t slander previous employers
  • Go on a test run of the route beforehand
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your interview, remember, early is on time, on time is late
  • Answer questions thoroughly but try to keep your answers as short as possible
  • Be yourself and  remember to smile

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Steven Massey